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Greenhouse Testimonials

Dear New Frontiers,
The greenhouse which we purchased from you turned out very nice. It is real attractive and quite functional. The man who delivered it here from your factory in Illinois was quite helpful and the directions were easy to follow. Today is November 1st and I am enjoying tomatoes growing in pots in the greenhouse. I am really looking forward to next spring when I can get the plants for the garden started in the greenhouse.
I am very pleased with the greenhouse and everyone at New Frontiers have been really helpful during its construction.
Sincerely Alan

Dear New Frontiers,
We have certainly enjoyed our greenhouse!! It has worked perfectly from day one. We have installed an electric unit heater. Also there is a hot water heat (actually glycol) under the pavers which is adequate most of the time. The glycol is heated in a 5 gallon water heater and then pumped throughout the floor. Nice and warm to walk on! This year we added a fan to circulate the air in the greenhouse. The temperature is even throughout. We also monitor the temperature of greenhouse in our house with and alarm if it drops down too far.
We've installed a 40 gallon water tank with a 12 volt electric pump for watering. Works great!! I do recommend insulating the lower portion of the greenhouse. We've installed 1 1/2" of rigid styrofoam to help our energy costs. Just did that this year, but we're sure it will help with our Minnesota winters. We would recommend this greenhouse to anyone!!
Edina,MN purchased 2009

Dear New Frontiers,
I am having the time of my life with my greenhouse!!! I have been growing different seeds over the years and this year I am growing tomatoes thru the winter and have been getting fresh ripe tomatoes in the last few weeks. Next year I plan to start them earlier. My only regret is that we couldn't afford a larger greenhouse model, we purchased the 8' x 8'. I really am so happy having the greenhouse & would recommend it to everyone. So glad that we bought it!!
Sincerely Linda
Paragon, IN purchased 2009

Dear New Frontiers,
I purchased an 8' x 16' greenhouse this past year, I wish to tell you that it was a fantastic purchase!! It went together extremely well. All parts and directions were well thought out and the materials were of high quality. The few questions I had were promptly & satisfactorily answered. Thank you!!
Waynesville, OH purchased 2011

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